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Friday, November 06, 2009

Oil Shortage - More like intelligence shortage

A great scientific discovery? I can remember listening to a creationist, thirty years ago, tell of Paleontologists working in abandon oil fields and finding that the dry wells had filled back up with oil. And that the oil was dated as being younger than the original deposits. The speculation then was that oil/natural gas deposits was the result of physical process's (heat and pressure) on readily available gases (nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon oxides) over short periods of time. Main stream science pooh-poohs this, their cherished pariah of organic matter and millions of years were the only answer. If it did not fit their preconceived paradigms then it did not fly.

So naturally when I came across this article,,
on Science daily's website touting the discovery as new even though they themselves admit the concept was suggested and proven over a hundred years ago.

You would think in that amount of time we could get at least a few text books updated to reflect both hypotheses?

Idols are hard to bring down... Hopefully another flake of stone has hit the ground.


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