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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Basic Principles - A Statement of Assumptions II

3.) Anonymity - The Internet as a free and open medium. It is for now, at least in the United States, unrestricted and for the most part unregulated. However I am not sure that will continue or for how long we will enjoy the freedoms we now have. Increasingly Americans have been surrendering their rights and responsibilities for so called "security". Monitoring of this area of expression is already happening, probably to a much greater extent then any of us realize. In this vein; an because I believe the content and purpose of my blog will be opposed to this action, I will endeavor to remain anonymous. So as to be able to continues my experiment if the content places me on the "radar" of these entities.

4.) Technique - The e-mail I have associated with this blog; through several sales and restructuring of the ISP, has I believe obscured any link to myself or my occupations. I am logging into this blog and monitoring my e-mail only through public access machines found in libraries, hospitals, hotels, ect. When ever possible I use a knoppix Linux OS run from a bootable CD to further obscure my identity and location. All content generated for this blog will be done with open source or web 2.0 applications. I will be experimenting with wandriving using the knoppix OS and an old personal laptop that could be easily and painlessly destroyed if the need arouse.


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