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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Indigo Children -

Found this story on ABC News, and I am separating it from the myriad of other news stories on this topic just because ABC is giving it airplay in both print and video. Though their tone is skeptical the fact that they have chosen to air it at all does give it an air of credibility. Indigo children have taken a leap in spiritual evolution. They are supposedly conceptual, creative and inter-dimensional. Having a keen sense of "who they are".

Who are these kids? Simply the offspring of the 60's generation. Who, after pretty much destroying American culture, (which, don't get me wrong needed something done to it) realized that they needed to settle down, get jobs and buy into the capitalist system they so hated. Now they have released from suburban America their progeny to finish the job.

Mom and Dad were the transitional form. They experimented with the occult, drugs, and sex. Then integrated these into mainstream America by indoctrinating their children and preparing them to change the world forever. This is an incredibly simple outline of the process. I personally don't believe for one second that these upwardly mobiles have a clue at what they have done or are doing. A demonic force has guided and manipulated them into accomplishing a truly ancient and diabolical plan.

Break it down - These kids are spiritually intuitive. The have been raised with out the stop gaps or protections their parents enjoyed. Mom and Dad were either raised in a conservative atmosphere that said spiritual things did not exist or in and ultra-conservative religion that said spiritual things were forbidden. When the rebellion of the sixties hit they headed for the extremes from both positions. Their children are raised environment that allows for "spiritual" things to be experimented with but without the protection of discernment. Even the name "Indigo Children" was coined by a demonic entity. After a childhood of being pummeled by demonic forces where does this leave them? Look at the subject of the article. She is overweight, depressed, ADHD, rebellious to authority, nonconformist, extremely emotional, physically sensitive and fragile. Qualities she shares with all Indigos. Her only real friends are the spirits of the dead "people" who visit and counsel her.

I thought evolution was supposed to make things better?


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